Antigone Board Game Draft

My Antigone board game is based off of “Clue.” This is a draft of the instructions and of the game board.

Places: Palace, cave, Polyneice’s burial ground, guard station, in front of the palace

People: Creon, Haemon, Ismene, Antigone, Guard, Chorus

Reason: Loyalty, power, civil disobedience, feminist views, guilt, devotion to family


Set Up: Three cards should be placed inside the envelope given- one place, one piece of evidence, and one person, which will eventually answer the question who? what? and where? to investigate who is to blame for the death of Antigone. Then, every player should receive one of each card, a game piece, as well as a sheet of the notepad included in the game. Don’t let anyone else see your cards! Use the notepad to check off the cards you received, and to check off other discoveries you make throughout the game.

How To Play:

You begin playing by putting your token, which represents your character, on a start space closest to you. One person goes first and rolls the die given.

When you enter a place, make a proposition of who you believe could have possibly killed Antigone. Make sure to consider yourself as a suspect and to propose the place you are in within your proposition! For example: Let’s say you are Creon and you have entered the Castle. You can say, “I propose the Guard is to blame for Antigone’s death. The Guard was in the Castle and felt he had too much power,” as long as you haven’t checked any of the places, people, or evidence you mention off of your notepad.

The player on the left of the person who has just proposed opposes the proposal first. If they have one, or more, of the cards mentioned, they secretly show the proposer one of the cards. When this happens, make sure to check off the card on your notepad! If no one can show you a card from your proposal, you can either make your allegation now, or end your turn.

To make an allegation, you state where, what, and who you think should be blamed for killing Antigone, when it’s your turn. You can only make one allegation during the game! To check if you allegation is correct, take the cards out of the envelope and see if they match up. If your allegation is incorrect, put the cards back, and now you must stop playing the game.

Game Board



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